About Brindisi

What We Do

What We Do

We are a full service remodeling company, residential and commercial. We can give you a complete home makeover or create you a luxury master bath. Our main goal is to make your dream become a reality.

With over 40 years' experience, our team listens to your needs and delivers projects that will enhance your quality of life. Unlike the 90% of contractors who go under, we will always be there for free advice, consultation and warranty service after the job.

  • We have been involved in large historical renovations in the city of Philadelphia.
  • We strictly conform to all laws regarding building codes, insurance and proper contacts.
  • Continuing education on the part of owners and employees insures superior, cost-effective work, and the safety of your family.
  • Over the past 40 years, we have completed more than 20,000 remodeling projects.

How we do it

  • Call us for a free estimate
  • Book an appointment at your convenience
  • Meet the client and listen to their wants, needs, concerns and budget
  • Internalize your information and design a project that fits within the client's parameters
  • Generate a proposal
  • Client will review proposed project
  • Move forward with a contract

Who We Are

All of our employees are integral components to our company. For the duration of your project, we are a part of your life! It's instilled into each of our employees to hold your home to the same high esteem as you. When in your house, all of our employees will treat your house as if it was their home.

We believe in continuing education for all of our employees to ensure that they remain at the peak of their craft, but also so they are trained in the highest of safety standards. In most cases, our clients remain in the home during construction. That means we have to be aware of our responsibility to you, your family, and pets to minimize potential hazards.

Mike Brindisi

The President of the company. Mike remains very hands on ensuring that the company runs to its highest potential. He is a past President, Chairman and member of the Board of Directors for the New Jersey Remodelers Association (NJRA). He has won humanitarian awards from the Burlington County Knights of Columbus and the NJRA's Operation Good Samaritan.

Mike Brindisi attended Drexel University majoring in Construction Management and completed four years in the Philadelphia Union Carpenter's Apprentice Program. He has continued his education by attending trade seminars and work study groups throughout the Northeast. His desire to continually learn has kept him at the top of his field.

Steve Brindisi

The Manager of Field Operations. Having worked for the company since 1982, Steve is the player of the company that ties all the pieces together. From the moment your work begins, Steve makes sure your job is running with upmost efficiency. He coordinates the materials, labor, and inspections required to keep your project flowing smoothly. His knowledge of how the jobs should run allow him the ability to apprise you of what will be expected to happen in the next phase.

Quinn Harbright

Project Consultant: Quinn has worked for Brindisi since 2002. He has been trained in all aspects of the company from the ground up allowing him the knowledge to fully understand how certain products and methods can affect the aesthetics and artistry of one's remodeling project. As Brindisi's top kitchen designer, Quinn is on the cutting edge of what's going on in the remodeling world. As he walks the client through the project, he will offer the latest solutions and technologies for all of your remodeling needs.